About USS Groton Sail Paver Lay-Away

USS Groton Sail Monument Dedicated Pave Walkway


Purchase a beautifully engraved paver and become an official piece of the USS Groton Sail Monument. Your paver will add your name or a loved one’s name to this lasting public monument celebrating our region’s contribution to our Natin’s defense.

This monument will provide a place for celebration, an educational backdrop to the evolution of the submarine industry and submarine service, a site for generations to reflect on the service of their family and friends, and a welcoming landmark for all.

For more than 100 years, Groton has been considered to be the Submarine Capital of the World. Here on the banks of the Thames River, hundreds of submarines have been built by the men and women of Electric Boat, the nation’s first submarine base was established, and hundreds of thousands of submariners have been trained at Sub School. Yet no lasting monument exists to recognize the men and women who build, design, operate. And maintain the United States Navy’s submarines.

We are now focused on building a lasting public monument to celebrate our region’s contribution to our nation’s defense. The centerpiece of the monument will be the USS Groton’s sail and rudder, which will serve as a permanent tribute to the Navy’s submarine community, past, present, and future.